Sam Kettel — "About Love", 2015

Your hands
got me thinking
About Love, and
how electric
seeks a circuit:
rubber gloves, wellies
would earth it,
but bare fingers, thumbs -
too complicit.

A moist palm: enough
to spark it,
in darkness
we hear
the voltage cracking,
catch static
popping brightly
between our
interloping digits.

not to singe a hair, or
sting ourselves with each other's
Alone, the current's dormant;  
a horrid weight droning
in my stomach.
That acidic, metallic taste
at the back of my throat


Sam Kettel — "Tungsten filament.", 2013

Tungsten filament.

I'd get blown away

the day we unboxed the bulb.

To imagine - one hundred Watts

of electricity

beating like a pulsar!


the etching of your life

along the heart rate monitor,

undulating through

the tungsten filament

between two parallel contact wires.

A touch of heat enough

to tattoo my print to the globe of glass.


Published in HOAX issue 1

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