Rosabelle Illes — "Multiplying Decades", 2015

The stuff of true love lies visibly
mimicked by fairy dust
mocked by lust
for its apparent impairment
Yes, unconditional love is blind,
yet when offered sight
it denied,
For it has no interest
in loving more or less or slightly
tweaked by conditional conditions
brought about by perception
No, love’s pupils merely wish to sense
the presence of its duplicate
and manifest moments of synchronization
It is not preoccupied with patience, acceptance and compassion
It is not susceptive to any tired advice, definitions or guidelines
brought about by scholars, musicians and poets
All it seeks is this moment
when two souls commit to the sole purpose of exchanging love
of procreating love
of loving love so profoundly they too become blind
to receive love’s vision
to protect love’s vision
to envision love’s vision beyond all conditions
To have and to hold beyond better, beyond worse
beyond sickness
beyond health
beyond poverty
beyond wealth
and beyond death
Yes, unconditional love roams within dimensions
It is not concerned with separation
brought about by conditional conditions
All it seeks is this moment
when two souls commit to the sole purpose
of multiplying decades.


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