small fragments like dust in the air or scattered thoughts around the house. dirty inhibitions. a void. there's a void out there so black and dense you can't even see it, sense it. it covers all, it will pull bare breaths away, the senses. sense it. avoid it, these words of inability. crave the shakes up your spine, the dumb fuck until there's nothing left to give or take. take it, throw it off some distant southern cliff. what is it, this ugly box, she asks with eyes so dull and oddly remote. rip the walls out, she says. don't listen to them and never listen to yourself and cover your eyes, your ears, your mouth, cover your legs. cover it knee-deep at roadsides. all those things you want to do, all the things. pull them long and pull them off and let them slide down the drain like wet hairs. signs are meaningless. it's a trick, didn't you know?


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