I told her “life’s too small” so she says “only sleep with people you want to be”.

It is true that I like to give my body to the lonely.

I’ve found you crawling out of your logic like a freed slave
And I’m left researching feelings like an overzealous robot.
All souls have seasons and I’d like to step into yours for a while-
It’s tiresome standing knee-deep in young snow while all my winter beats.
With you I’ve built me some mossy sleep, our soft place.
I can be a spring-time flying thing, sharp-clawed and furious. I’ll be alive in your seawater clouds
Travelling over greenery and quiet scenery. I’ll curl myself about your hair like silent sunshine.
I’ll do this, I expect, until I start saying “love” too much as if we're not just borrowing skin for a while.

You’ll remind me that the only true insanity is naming things wrong.



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