Submissions are now open for HOAX's online platform!

HOAX offers artists and writers a unique framework within which to show their work, which then forms part of a wider, ongoing collection or survey of creative work existing at the intersections of art and writing.

We accept work of all forms, providing it incorporates text and is intended to be shown to readers and audiences digitally. This can mean plain text, image, video, audio, or something more site-specific, embedded into the page or making use of its code. It should be understood that HOAX would be the site or home of the work—we don't host documentation.

Each new piece spends one week on HOAX's front page and is shared well across HOAX's social media platforms and weekly e-newsletter, before steadily moving backwards through HOAX's pages as more new works are added. All contributors are also added to our Works page, and we always continue to promote their works into the future.

Although HOAX normally presents work online, in print and through events and exhibitions, we are currently only taking submissions for work to be shown on the HOAX website, in response to COVID-19 and social distancing efforts. We hope to bring back HOAX's print and IRL platforms in 2021.

HOAX was relaunched in March 2020 order to provide vital financing to creatives struggling with lost income as a result of COVID-19. You can read more about our return here.

We are a tiny team and HOAX is a labour of love which is run on a shoestring with no formal funding. HOAX has always been free to submit to and free to read in order to ensure accessibility. As such, we are always seeking donations to HOAX. All of our funds raised go directly into the pockets of contributors. The team work pro bono and cover any additional expenditures ourselves. The more donations we get, the more contributors we can fund.

We currently pay contributors £50 per piece, and publish one piece per week. We acknowledge that this is not much, but it's the best we can do right now, and we hope to increase both fee and frequency in future as we move to a more sustainable funding model

If you would like to submit work to HOAX but do not feel that you are in a place of financial hardship, or who wish to waive your fee as a donation so that it can be given to a contributor who is in more need of funds as a result of the pandemic, you are more than welcome to do so. We don't means test, and this is entirely at your discretion - if you'd like to take a fee, you are more than welcome to!

Work submitted for HOAX does not have to be newly-made, though we are definitely more drawn to work which is a good fit for our platform (and vice versa).We do ask that works submitted haven't been shown, at least not widely, before and aren't already presented on another online platform. 

HOAX is always anti-fascist.

If you'd like to submit work to HOAX, we'd encourage you first to take some time learning about our background and principles.

If you would like to submit work in an alternate format due for accessibility reasons, contact us.

We need to bring in £150 / $200 in donations a month to keep HOAX going.
If you'd like to see HOAX thrive, become a regular patron with a £3 / $4 monthly gift,
or leave us a one-off tip with Paypal: