Submissions are now open for HOAX's online platform!

We accept text-based work of all forms, providing they incorporate text and are intended to be shown to readers and audiences digitally. This can mean text, image, video, audio, or something more site-specific, embedded into the page or making use of its HTML. You can see past work we've presented here.

Each new piece is shared across HOAX's social media platforms and weekly e-newsletter.

Although HOAX normally presents work online, in print and through events and exhibitions, we are currently only taking submissions for work to be shown on the HOAX website, in response to COVID-19 and social distancing efforts. We hope to bring back HOAX's print and IRL platforms later this year.

You can read more about our return here.

We are a tiny team, and HOAX is a labour of love which is run on a shoestring. All costs are covered out-of-pocket, and it has always been free to submit to and free to read. As such, we are currently fundraising to pay contributors. Due to circumstances hastening HOAX’s relaunch, submissions and showing/publishing work are now happening concurrently to this fundraising, and so we can’t confirm yet exactly how frequently work will be published or how much contributors will be paid. Both will be dictated by funds raised by our ongoing crowdfunder, and the more money that we raise, the more works we will be able to publish and the more artists we will be able to support.

Many initiatives to support artists during the pandemic still involve lengthy applications processes, and focus more on larger funding amounts or grants to produce more major work or projects. Meanwhile, there are many artists and writers out there struggling to afford groceries or make rent, and who need money right away, with even just small amounts going a long way. We wanted to plug this gap and support these creatives, forgoing any lengthy submissions processes to focus on being able to provide smaller fees with much more immediacy. As such, we absolutely do not expect new work to be made for HOAX (unless this is what contributors wish to do) and just ask that it's something that hasn't been shown, at least not widely, before and isn't already presented on another online platform. 

We currently pay contributors £50 per piece, and publish one piece per week. We acknowledge that this is not much, but it's the best we can do right now, and we hope to increase both fee and frequency in future as we move to a more sustainable funding model. All of our funds raised go directly into the pockets of contributors. The HOAX team work pro bono and cover any additional expenditures ourselves.

If you'd like to submit work to be presented through HOAX, we'd encourage you first to take some time learning about our background and principles.

If your work is selected for HOAX, we'll get in touch about how best to make payment to you. Those who would like to submit their work to HOAX but do not feel that they are in a place of financial hardship, or who wish to waive their fee so that it can be given to a contributor who is in more need of funds as a result of the pandemic, are more than welcome to do so.

If you would like to submit work in an alternate format due for accessibility reasons, contact us.

We need to bring in £150 / $200 in donations a month to keep HOAX going.
If you'd like to see HOAX thrive, become a regular patron with a £3 / $4 monthly gift,
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