Issue 3.5: Oaks, 2014

Oaks is HOAX's children's issue, and features a blank page so kids can add their own work. It was launched at The Pipe Factory in Glasgow, with a day of creative workshops for children, as part of Glasgow International 2014.


Bruno Neiva — Seen
John Henry Newton — untitled
Claire Poulter — dəˈzī(ə)r dôg (Desire dog)
Ruth Proctor — Why
Calum Rodger — ROCKPOOLS
Erica Scourti — End of Summer

Cover illustration by Libby Walker


  • Download both sides of Oaks
  • Print both files onto either side of a sheet of A4 paper
  • Fold horizontally along dotted lines
  • Fold again, vertically, to make an A6 booklet
  • Unfold, twist, turn, flip, read and enjoy
  • Add your own work too!
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