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HOAX is a labour of love. We pay all of our contributors, and each print issue of HOAX costs us a lot of money to produce and post to our stockists. We also don't take submissions fees and our print pamphlet is always free-of-charge to ensure fair access and obtainability. 

Run on a shoestring and with no formal funding, our entire income comes through small, individual donations. As such, HOAX's existence relies solely on the support of those who share our principles, are excited by creative text, and want to see independent, artist-led projects like ours grow and flourish.

We rely on an average of one £5 donation a day. Every single donation goes to paying contributors, printing HOAX's print issues, and posting copies to stockists. All other costs are covered out-of-pocket by the team, who work for free. 

We need to bring in around £150 / $200 a month to keep HOAX going.

If you enjoy HOAX and would like to send some spare change our way, any size donation will be gratefully received and very much appreciated. Become a regular patron with a small, monthly gift, or you can make a one-off donation with Paypal


Suggested donations by income bracket:

  • No or highly precarious income: we love to share HOAX with you for free and don't expect any financial support in return
  • Less than £30k: we suggest a monthly donation of £1-£3 or a one-off gift of £5-10 to keep enjoying HOAX
  • £30-50k: we would love a monthly donation of £3-£5 or a one-off gift of £20-30 so we can keep facilitating new work for you 
  • £50-80k: a monthly donation of £5-£8 or a one-off gift of £40-80 would be very welcome
  • Over £80k: a monthly donation of £8-10 or a one-off gift of £100 would help HOAX grow and develop for years to come

  • Additional donations in the hundreds to thousands will be used judiciously and strategically to scale, and expand HOAX, directly support many artists and writers in concrete ways, build resilience and longevity, and help us bring so much to the arts through online, print and IRL platforms across the globe.

    Thank you!

    We need to bring in £150 / $200 in donations a month to keep HOAX going.
    If you'd like to see HOAX thrive, become a regular patron with a £3 / $4 monthly gift,
    or leave us a one-off tip with Paypal: