HOAX — Print, online & IRL platform for creative work incorporating text

HOAX is Looking for Stockists!

HOAX is an ongoing curatorial project dedicated to giving a print, digital and IRL platform to work that exists at the intersection of art and creative writing. HOAX was formed in 2012 and went on to produce seven print editions, curate or host an event or exhibition to accompany each, and publish and present work online by over 130 international artists and writers, before going on hiatus in 2015.

HOAX will be returning in early 2019, and is currently seeking stockists for its print editions, published every six months. These print editions will remain free-of-charge and continue in the same format as before: seven original creative works incorporating text, printed together in black ink onto an A3 one-sheet. This sheet is twice folded into a small, A5 pamphlet, structured to require unfolding, twisting, turning and flipping, conveying a collective conversation between the works through the physicality of the paper ‘space’.

The pamphlet's intentionally ephemeral nature, its format allowing for easy, at-home reproduction, and its lack of price are guided by a desire to centre accessibility and obtainability. HOAX is keen to make contact with art spaces, institutions, galleries, bookshops and other places with public-facing areas to be its stockists. HOAX is distributed all over the world and we are especially keen to find new stockists in cities in which we are not currently distributed, however this is not essential. As a stockist, you will be listed on HOAX's website and regularly pointed to over its social media platforms, with the intention of pointing local readers to go to you to obtain a copy. We'll take your guidance on how many copies we should send you and when, and you won't be asked to pay anything, however some stockists do offer to cover the costs of shipping HOAX to them an in-kind donation owing to our extremely tight finances, which is always gratefully accepted.

If you are interested in potentially becoming a HOAX stockist, or would just like more info, please contact us at hoaxpublication@gmail.com.

Thank you!