HOAX — Print, online & IRL platform for creative work incorporating text

About HOAX
HOAX is an ongoing curatorial project dedicated to giving a print, digital and IRL platform to work that exists at the intersection of art and creative writing. HOAX was formed in 2012, and went on to produce seven print editions, organising an event or exhibition to accompany each, and presenting original work online by over 130 international artists and writers, before going on hiatus in 2015. We’re re-launching in early 2019 out of a desire to be a good presence in an increasingly bleak, exploitative art world, resisting the current power structures that dictate how art is made, shown and consumed, and by whom.

Working on a call-out / submissions basis, HOAX provides spaces to showcase all forms of creative work incorporating text, rejecting the traditional categorisation that splits art and creative writing. Print work is presented through the twice-yearly, free-of-charge HOAX pamphlet, which is distributed through galleries, museums, bookshops and other art spaces all over the world. Anyone can also download and print each issue as they wish. With an intentionally ephemeral nature, a format allowing for easy, at-home reproduction, and a lack of price, it is guided by a desire to centre accessibility and obtainability. New online work is published to the HOAX website every two weeks; you can view past work here. Events and exhibitions are sporadic and have so far taken place in different cities around the UK.

Our approach
HOAX exists to support, not profit from, the artists it works with, and artists must be fairly compensated for their labour. This support includes paying artists fees when their work is presented through any of its three channels, promoting artists beyond their involvement with us, advocacy, giving advice and guidance, and cultivating a nurturing network. Since HOAX’s inception we’re proud to have forged many lasting, uncontrived and mutually beneficial relationships with and between the creatives we’ve been involved with and this is something we’re especially keen to see continue. We are, in turn, incredibly grateful to all of the artists and organisations who have supported us over the years.

Our principles
We believe all cultural platforms have a duty to acknowledge what they do and do not support, endorse or make visible, the sociopolitical roles they occupy, the power structures they exist within, and to act responsively to this. No platform is neutral. As such, we would like to state explicitly that HOAX is actively and uncompromisingly against fascism. We will not back creatives or works that enable far-right ideology, white supremacy, patriarchy, oppression, discrimination, social inequality or injustice, and we are committed to doing our due diligence to make sure of this.

What’s next?
We are currently seeking new stockists, and will soon be issuing a call-out for works to be published, presented or shown by HOAX over the first 6 months of its new life. We welcome your queries, thoughts and feedback - you can get in touch with us at hoaxpublication@gmail.com, and sign up to our e-newsletter to receive news, events, opportunities and each online work as it is published.

Thank you!