HOAX — Print, online & IRL platform for creative work incorporating text


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Rachael Disbury - rachaeldisbury.com
Tim Etchells - timetchells.com
Fluxion (John Engelbrecht and Kalmia Strong) - cargocollective.com/fluxion
James W Hedges - jameswhedges.com
Matthew Kay - matthewjameskay.com
Maria Paneta - letaeras.tumblr.com
Chooc Ly Tan - chooclytan.com


- Download both sides of HOAX
- Print both files onto either side of a sheet of A3 paper
- Fold horizontally along dotted lines
- Fold again, vertically, to make an A5 booklet
- Unfold, twist, turn, flip, read and enjoy
- Consider making a small donation towards our production costs

Thank you!